Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful Links

How do I install a wall exhaust fan?

Not sure how to install your new fan? Want to know what goes into installation before making your purchase?

How much CFM do I need for my space?

Use our chart to get an idea of your necessary your air movement speed and make a more informed decision.

Is my fan choice too loud for its environment?

Read more about Americraft fans’ decibel levels and how they compare to other common noises

Know Your Electrical Requirements Before You Install an Americraft Fan

Our blog post discusses the differences between single- and three-phase motors. It could offer some insight on which is right for you and your fan.

TECHTOP Motor Troubleshooting Tool

Is your fan not working? Do you suspect an issue with the motor? Use this website from TECHTOP to help diagnose the problem before sending it to a service center. [EXTERNAL LINK]

What do I need to know when selecting a propeller?

Whether your prop is new or a replacement, understand what you need to know when selecting.

What is a pressure blower?

Click here to learn more about a less common form of exhausting.

What’s the Difference Between a Commercial and Industrial Fan?

Not sure if your needs require the power and durability of an industrial-grade fan? Read about the differences to help make a decision.


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