View our extensive line of wall exhaust fans below.

  • Commercial belt driven economical fan for light duty general exhaust requirements.
  • Well suited for factory or warehouse ventilation.
  • Lead Time:  8 work days — PKG add 3 days
commercial wall exhaust fan 700
  • Designed to move large volumes of ambient air at low static pressures.
  • Excellent for general ventilation in factories and warehouses for continuous duty applications.
  • Lead Time:  10 work days — PKG add 3 days
Belt Drive Exhaust Fan - Model 800 from Americraft
  • Excellent for use in higher static pressure applications in factories, warehouses and mills for fume, smoke or dust removal.
  • Provides dependable performance with little maintenance.
  • Lead Time:  10 work days — PKG add 3 days
Direct drive exhaust fans - Model 900 from Americraft
  • Designed for use with all wall ventilation fans to simplify mounting in block, concrete, or metal wall.
  • Can be used for exhaust or intake fans (with intake damper & weatherhood).
  • Provides correct spacing between propeller and shutter.
  • PKG includes shutter, rear guard and mounting box.
  • Performance ratings as shown on our standard 600 thru 900 performance data tables.
  • Lead Time:  12 work days — PKG add 3 days
  • Excellent for use where filtered intake or exhaust air is required.
  • Disposable 2″ filters are high capacity, pleated type that meet MERV 8 rating.
  • Lead Time:  12 work days
900 CAF center cvmin