A cast aluminum blower is a centrifugal fan designed such that the air enters the fan inlet, is forced around the inside of the housing, and exits at a 90° angle from how it entered the fan. The Americraft pressure blowers have a cast aluminum straight blade radial wheel, but some are available with a backward curved or shrouded wheel, depending on the application. The pressure blower meets AMCA B spark resistant requirements.

Americraft volume blowers have a forward-curved steel wheel, which excels in applications with lower static pressures. The steel wheel is designed to move air only and cannot handle any type of material. The volume blower meets AMCA Type C spark resistant requirements.

  • These cast aluminum blowers are designed for use in situations where low volumes of air flow are required at relatively low static pressures.
  • Excellent for removal of welding smoke and fumes and for spot cooling of electronic equipment.
  • Lead Time:  10 work days
adb cast aluminum blowers
  • Designed for use in situations requiring moderate CFM movement against relatively high static pressure systems.
  • Excellent for fume exhaust, mounted on dust collectors, non-abrasive material conveying, vehicle exhaust removal in garages and fire departments, air source for air knives, and combustion air for gas burners.
  • Lead Time:  10 work days
adp cast aluminum blowers