A pressure blower is a centrifugal fan designed such that the air enters the fan inlet, is forced around the inside of the housing, and exits at a 90 degree angle from how it entered the fan.  Most pressure blowers have a straight blade radial wheel, but some are available with a backward curved or shrouded wheel, depending on the application.  Americraft pressure blower wheels are cast aluminum, and with the exception of a couple of sizes, are straight radial wheels.  This means that the blades are at a 90 degree angle to the backplate of the wheel. HADP Blower Square cvmin Pressure blowers are used when the application requires a small to medium amount of CFM at higher static pressures than an axial fan is capable of producing, up to 11-12” S.P. water gage for our blowers.  Pressure blowers consume horsepower the opposite of axial fans as the higher the static pressure, the less horsepower is consumed by a blower.

How to Select the Right Pressure Blower

The proper selection of a pressure blower is dependent on the same criteria as an axial fan as you need to know the CFM, system static pressure, operating environment inside and outside of the blower which includes temperature, elevation, and ambient noise level.

What Are Pressure Blowers Used For?

Some of the many applications for our cast aluminum blowers include: weld smoke removal, mounting on the top of dust collectors, non-abrasive material conveying, vehicle exhaust removal in garages and fire departments, air source for air knives, and combustion air for gas burners. Finally, our pressure blowers have cast aluminum wheels and housings which are naturally non-sparking and are suitable for use in applications requiring AMCA type “B” spark resistant construction.