With business picking up more and more each year, we’ve finally started our newest addition, expanding the space available for welding and fabrication. The new space will give us more room to work, allow us to grow our staff, and in turn get more jobs out the door. The new building is ~8850 square feet. We will be moving the majority of our fabrication materials over, including that used for panel fans, yoke mounts, and high stands. The machinery used for those processes will also be moved, allowing more room in the old area for the production and temporary storage of our flapper stacks (butterfly damper sections) and inlet weather hoods, and more stations to increase our welding team.

We’re very excited that we can do this expansion to keep up with our increasing demand. While we like to keep our operation small and intimate, we don’t like to turn down orders and pride ourselves in our lead times. Every year has been a new challenge to conquer, and expanding these areas will give us an extra leg up in the industry. After getting through the red tape and acquiring all the proper approvals over the past year, we were able to start construction in late July. In just over about 2 months, it’s come a long way, with the concrete having been poured, we’re just about ready to run electric through! With luck, completion of the expansion will line up with the end of the summer rush so we can get everything moved and ready to go for the start of the new year and new busy season. This is the next move to improving productivity since combining plants in the summer of 2017. For over 20 years we had been working in 2 plants about a half-mile apart. Having our entire workforce under one roof has expedited our process. We’re hoping the new addition will too!