Our model BCS tube axial duct fan is designed for use in high moisture or contaminated airstreams. Ideally suited for use on industrial parts washers for excess water vapor removal. Suitable for use in dry-off ovens, kilns and low temperature furnaces to 375°F with the addition of high temperature package.

Features and Benefits

  • Bearings located in a sealed watertight chamber and protected by a water slinger and shaft seal.
  • Standard propellers are cast aluminum; carbon steel and stainless steel propellers also available.
  • Standard construction suitable to 225°F and up to 375°F with high temperature package. Fabricated steel propeller is standard above 275°F.
  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel construction for harsh or contaminated environments.
  • Adjustable motor base allows for proper belt tension for maximum belt life.
  • Pulleys are rugged cast iron or turned steel.
  • Motors are high quality industrial grade available in single or three phase – totally enclosed or explosion proof.
  • Lead Time:  12 work days

Optional Accessories

  • Belt guard
  • Horizontal or vertical support brackets
  • Combination motor cover/belt guard
  • Inlet or outlet guards – OSHA Compliant
  • Companion flanges
  • Inspection door
  • Horizontal support legs
  • Epoxy or urethane coatings
  • Adjustable pitch motor pulley
  • Continuously welded flanges
bcs duct fans

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B-12-CS12"13 1/8"14"18"1/2-3/4
B-15-CS15"16 1/8"17"18"3/4-1
B-18-CS18"19 1/8"20"18"1/2-1 1/2
B-24-CS24"25 3/4"27"18"1/2-5
B-27-CS27"28 3/4"30"18"3/4-3
B-30-CS30"31 3/4"33"18"1 1/2-5
B-34-CS34"35 3/4"37"18"2-5
B-36-CS36"37 7/8"39"18"3-7 1/2
B-42-CS42"43 9/16"45"22"2-10
B-48-CS48"49 5/8"51"24"5-10
B-60-CS60"61 5/8"63"30"5-10
Model BCS cvmin