AM Applications

Our AM is designed for general ventilation and smoke and fume removal where lower cost and less maintenance are a priority.

AM Features and Benefits

  • Ruggedly constructed steel curb cap including spun venturi section for efficient air flow.
  • Cast aluminum spark-resistant propellers are standard and suitable for use in hazardous locations when paired with explosion proof motor.
  • Butterfly damper section, mill galvanized construction, with damper blades that open when fan is energized and close weathertight when unit is off. Dampers rotate in nylon bearings on a stainless steel axle.
  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Lead Time:  10 work days

Optional Accessories

  • Weatherproof non-fused disconnect switches.
  • Insulated roof curbs for flat or pitched roofs.
  • Magnetic latches to keep damper section lids down when fan is off
  • Replacement damper sections
AM roof exhausters

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AM-1819"24"33" sq2 1/2"3"16"13"28"1/4-1
AM-2425"30"39" sq2 1/2"3"19"15"34"1/4-3
AM-3031"36"45" sq2 1/2"3"22"15"40"3/4-5
AM-3637"42"51" sq2 1/2"3"25"18"48"2-5
AM-4243"48"57" sq2 1/2"3"27"18"52"2-5
AM-4849"54"63" sq2 1/2"3"30"20"58"3-10
AM-6061"66"75" sq2 1/2"3"42"22"70"5-7 1/2
Model AM cvmin