Our man/product cooler low stand provides portable cooling for personnel or processes. Heavy duty construction provides many years of service in demanding industrial locations such as steel mills, foundries, factories and warehouses.

Features and Benefits

  • Front & rear OSHA style concentric circle wire guards on all sizes except 60″ which is 1/2″ wire mesh.
  • Rugged spark-resistant cast aluminum propellers are standard.
  • Industrial grade TEFC motors are standard.
  • Explosion proof motors available for hazardous locations.
  • Available in low, medium or high stands to meet varied centerline height requirements.
  • Medium and high stand fans rotate 180 degrees on their center mount axis.
  • All models have cord wired to motor and extended through fan housing except explosion proof fans.
  • Lead Time:  10 work days

Optional Accessories

  • Caster sets which include two fixed and two swivel locking casters.
  • Manual starting switches with built-in overload protection, mounted & wired for fans with TEFC motors only.
  • Coatings available for outdoor service or harsh environments.
  • Belt drive configuration.
  • Fabricated steel propellers.
amc model da low stand cvmin

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*L/M/H/1Y/2Y refers to the different stand options

18"18"21 1/2"20"1/4-1
24"24"27 1/2"20"1/4-3
30"30"33 1/2"20"1/3-3
36"36"39 1/2"24"1-5
42"42"45 1/2"24"2-5
60"55 1/2"64"36"7 1/2-15
Model Man Cooler cvmin