Humble Beginnings

The history of our company begins shortly after the end of World War II, when brothers Edward and Albert Blanz, formed a partnership and founded a metal fabrication company. They started in a garage located in Cincinnati, OH a suburb of Arlington Heights. One of the first products made was an aluminum fishing boat and hence the name of Americraft.

Americraft manufactured its first fans in 1946 and sold them to other companies that marketed the fans under their own name. (This practice is commonly known as private branding.) For the next 37 years, all fans manufactured by Americraft were sold under private labeling agreements.

The brothers operated Americraft until they decided to retire in 1975 and sold the company to Denny Ehrhardt. Denny’s background had been in the manufacturing of industrial fan parts, so Americraft started making parts and selling fans exclusively to a local fan company.

The company grew from a one car garage to a four car garage, but the business was outgrowing that as well. In May 1977, after merging with Industrial Sheet Metal, Americraft purchased a ten thousand foot building in Sycamore Township (currently named Plant 1).

Americraft became an Ohio Corporation in January 1979 with Denny Ehrhardt as the President and Chief Executive Officer.

In 1983, Americraft started marketing its products under the Americraft name, as well as continuing its private brand sales.

As the business continued to grow, so did facilities and employment. A ten thousand square foot addition (to Plant 1) was completed in 1990, and an additional building of thirty-three thousand square feet was acquired in 1996 (currently named Plant 2). Employment has continued to grow from three employees in 1975 to its current level.

Modern Americraft

In November of 2006, Jim Ceddia and John Pumpple became minority owners of Americraft and assumed the roles of President and Vice-President respectively. In 2010, Denny Ehrhardt sold his remaining shares of the company to Jim Ceddia who is the majority owner and President of Americraft Manufacturing Company Inc.

Today, Americraft catalogs fifteen various fan models with different sizes and fan accessories for each. Nearly one half of the shipments are specially built to our customer’s specifications. Americraft fans and ventilating systems operate in hundreds of different applications in all fifty states and throughout the world.

Our company’s policies, practices, and ideals still guide us as we continue to grow. Every fan is built with pride and care. Before the fans are shipped, they are tested, in our factory, for electric motor compliance and balance compliance with the highest industry standards. We put our years of experience and reputation behind each fan we manufacture.

Americraft has established industry-leading design freedom. Our customers have the ability to purchase custom built products that meet their unique design specifications. Our in-house sales and technical staff are composed of a talented group of diverse professionals with breadth and depth of industrial fan experience and expertise.

Americraft’s dedicated staff of professionals is readily available to assist customers from the largest corporation to the smallest business, in all aspects of your air moving requirements.