Our CAF is excellent for use where filtered intake or exhaust air is required. Efficiently supplies clean, filtered air for OEM machinery and equipment markets such as pressurizing electrical cabinets. Economical choice for small unducted paint spray booths.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with TEFC or explosion proof motors in single or three phase.
  • Rugged spark-resistant aluminum propellers are standard.
  • Standard OSHA style propeller guard for 12″ to 30″ diameter.
  • Removable filter box section.
  • Disposable 2″ filters are high capacity, pleated type that meet MERV 8 rating.
  • Lead Time:  12 work days

Optional Accessories

  • Inlet weatherhood for intake fans.
  • Coatings available for harsh environments.
  • Standard OSHA style propeller guard for 36″ to 48″ diameter.
900 CAF center cvmin

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Model CAF cvmin
ModelABCDFFilter Size
CAF91216 1/4"4"20"2"18 3/4"16x16x2 (1)
CAF91620 1/4"4"20"3"22 3/4"20x20x2 (1)
CAF91824 1/4"4"20"3"26 3/4"24x24x2 (1)
CAF92024 1/4"4"22"3"26 3/4"24x24x2 (1)
CAF92430 1/4"4"25"3"32 3/4"20x20x2 (1)
20x10x2 (2)
10x10x2 (1)
CAF93036 1/4"4"28"3"38 3/4"18x18x2 (4)
CAF93642 1/4"33"36"3"44 3/4"18x24x2 (4)
24x24x2 (4)
CAF94248 1/4"33"37"3"50 3/4"24x24x2 (8)
CAF94854 1/4"33"37"3"56 3/4"18x24x2 (12)

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