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AC induction motors are typically driven by three phase or single phase currents. Before ordering a fan, or any other motor-powered device, you must know the type of electrical system installed at your facility.

Three Phase Electric Motors

Several of our customers have ordered fans equipped with three phase motors only to find out upon installation that a single phase motor was needed. A three-phase system is the most common method used to transfer power in electrical systems worldwide. Most industrial and commercial settings incorporate a three-phase electrical system. It is very efficient in high-capacity installations and used to power large motors and other heavy loads.

Single Phase Electric Motors

While a single-phase system works for most household loads, it’s not always efficient for industrial fans, which typically utilize larger horsepower motors that are designed for a three-phase system. Three-phase motors provide high starting torque, high efficiency and are typically more compact and less costly than a single phase motor of the same horsepower. Single phase motors above 10 HP are uncommon. If you are operating within a single-phase electrical system, we can accommodate your fan requirements with single phase motors. HOWEVER, the trade-offs are worth noting. Single phase motors are more expensive and will have very high starting amps. Make sure you contact an electrician prior to installing an industrial fan to make sure your electrical system can handle the requirements. Below is a chart that shows both starting and full load amps for Baldor single phase, TEFC and EXP electric motor run at 60 Hz. Please keep in mind that amps can vary among different motor manufacturers. Contact us at Americraft so we can assist you in the design of your specific fan application. Single Phase Electric Motors (60 Hz) Starting AMPS/Full Load AMPS Sources: Baldor; WikiPedia